Rather than just make this a web page purely for Tower Power, it's now a web page for all of my programming projects.

Sadly that's not as exciting as it sounds :( Presently what it means is that as well as downloading Tower Power 1250 T.E. , you can also download Breakout 3D GL .

My plans are to add real physics to the multi-ball mode in Breakout, and then finish TP1250.

Date Change(s) Made
8th February 2004 Removed email address, added contact form , hope it works!
27th July 2003 Very long overdue updated, changed web host, and so made some minor updates here and there!
14th March 2002 Added my CV, my education and previous jobs sections to this site
13th March 2002 Added personal section to this site
14th November 2001 Wow another update!!! Improved randomizer, so random order of blocks falling isn't always the same!
13th November 2001 Wow an update!!! Sometimes displaying high scores would crash game, fixed string problem there.
30th September 2001 Stopped working for IEL, should resume this little lot!
1st March 2000 Started working for Interactive Entertainment
12th February 2000 Made Breakout GL 3D available
November 1999 www.admars.co.uk goes on-line!

Sadly, most of my work on these projects is indefintely "on hold". My reasons for this is that I started TP1250TE as a University project, which I had every good intention of completeing. Then after finishing my MSc I started working on Breakout GL, while unemployed and looking for my "1st break" into the games industry. Well to cut along story short, once I got offered my job at Interactive Entertainment as a programmer I got slack, and took a well earned rest from developing my games before I started getting paid to program computer games .

18months later (September 2001) I've left Interactive Entertainment, for various reasons! Now would be the ideal time for me to get back into TP1250, or breakout, but I've started learning Dreamweaver instead! Bascially the computer games industry isn't as cool, or as much fun as it should be :( So I'm gonna take the money and run, i.e. get paid more money to do a "proper" job! Sad but true :(

While you're here, maybe you would be interested in what I did in my previous employment, which also outlines my decisions for my career path or just look at my CV.


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