About Tower Power 1250 T.E.

Hi, and thanks for showing an interest in my game!

Tower Power 1250 T.E. is a game I started programming for the PlayStation Yaroze in January, 1999. It started as a project as part of my MSc Digital Entertainment Systems at Bournemouth University. The original game was designed by myself but changed with the help and contributions of Alex Perkins and Richard Taylor (the two artists on the project).

The game was a lot more difficult to program than I had anticipated, hence come Easter it was still not finished ( I thought I could do it in 1 term) and come Summer, still it was not finished. However rather than just carry on slogging away on it for my MSc project, I started to implement an OpenGL version for the PC.

The PC version is now the version I spend most of my time implementing. It has a few bugs in it still but the one player game is more or less finished. As for the Yaroze version, well that hasn't moved on much since Easter :( The reason for this is that PC development is much easier than Yaroze development. The main reason for this is that you have to wait a few minutes while the game downloads to the yaroze from the PC. This wastes a lot of time when simply altering a few variables or truing to fix a few simple bugs. The plan now is to "finish" the PC version, and then finish the Yaroze verison.

It would be nice to finish Tower Power 1250 T.E. GL, and then eventually it could be released freeware via other websites!

I'm also working on a kind of breakout clone I've hacked from TP1250TE. The reason for this is because it was suggested as a useful project for me to undertake after an interview I had. The aim is to demonstrate special effects used in games, so basically this game is breakout with fancy explosions, trails, and a few sparks here and there. You can download what I have done so far from the downloads section.

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