Tower Power 1250 T.E. Instructions

Hi, and thanks for showing an interest in my game!

Imagine Tetris. Now Imagine Anti-Tetris.

Errr let me explain. In Tetris you don't want a tower to build right? Well in this little 3d dimensional game of skill you want to build a tower!

With me so far? Good. So you have blocks falling from the sky, like Tetris, but it's 3D, and you have to build a tower. Sounds easy right? Just hit the drop button and you'll reach the ceiling in no time! Well yes you can do that but, you won't get very far with those tactics. It would be a boring game wouldn't it! So as everyone knows, a sturdy tower needs firm foundations. So you need to build a tower which is as solid and sturdy as possible, otherwise you fail.

Does it still sound a bit boring and easy? Yes, well OK then lets make it a bit more difficult. How about having weather to effect play? Yes, Ok then.

That should be enough to keep you going! Have fun and good luck!

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