PlayStation Worms!


By Team17

This is the much talked about game in which 2 to 4 teams try and obliterate each other! Each team starts off with 4 worms which have 100 points health by default( this can be changed), which are placed on a landscape, similar in style to that of Lemmings. The landscapes vary from space, the beach, scrap yard, cherry pie, jungle, and hell. The obstacles and mine placement on each level is generated randomly, but each landscape is given a password, which can be used to select this landscape if you particularly like it!

The placement of the worms can either be in teams, or random. Random is generally more interesting since you can have all worms from different teams close to each other. In team placement it is very easy to wipe your opponent out quickly using air-strikes and homing missiles (weapons will be explained later).

A great deal of the strategy in Worms is choosing when and where, and how to use each weapon, especially those of which you only have a limited supply. Skill is involved in actually shooting most weapons, is not as simple as select target, aim and fire! For weapons such as the bazooka and grenades, you aim the cross hair, where you want to shoot, hold down fire until the strength of shot is what you believe to be required and let go. However the wind and gravity can influence the path of your projectile! For weapons such as the shotgun and Uzi/mini-gun, it is a simple matter of aim, fire, however you need to watch out for recoil! knocking down a worm's strength however is not the only way to kill him, you can also knock them off the side of the screen, or into the water, flames, custard or whatever is appropriate for that landscape!

The interesting bit, the Weapons!

All figures are given for default, but most can be altered.

All of the weapons/gadgets can be turned on/off and the number of special weapons can be altered as well.
Something else well worth mentioning is the FMV (Full Motion Video sections). These can be turned on and off and are little cartoons, in the style of Road Runner and Wile E Coyote or Tom and Jerry! Graphics 8 : The backgrounds are nice and detailed, but that's about it, but that is all it needs!
Sound 8 : The sound effects of Worms shouting, "Oi, nutter" and "I'm gonna get you are very amusing, but the music is a bit too distant in the background
Controls 8 : The joy-pad works very well indeed, I'm not sure if a mouse would ,make things easier or not.
Fun Factor 10: There is almost nothing as much fun as having a few mates round and blowing the crap out of each other's worms! I played it for 2 hours with my dad even!
Average 8 : An all around brilliant game, that is well worth the money! Especially for people who like Tanx, Cannon Fodder or Lemmings!

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