Wipeout cover
What can I say about this that isn't already common knowledge, not much. It's fast, it's very fast, perhaps too fast!

Anyway here's an amusing article from that great British newspaper The Sun, apparently Sony are trying to corrupt us!


An ad for a Sony computer game aimed at kids as young as three has been blasted as glamorising drugs.

The magazine ad for wipEout shows the teenagers slumped in chairs who appear to have overdosed. The letter E is always in capitals-like a reference to Ecstasy. Sony said the flight simulation game ad was just meant to stand out.

Tory MR Terry Dicks called it "an outrage."

Please don't flame me about the rights and wrongs of drugs, I know some one out there is gonna think that I'm glamorising drugs, that's not why I posted this. I posted it 'cos I thought it was quite funny, since I had never made a connection to Ecstasy and all the article did was make me play wipEout for a bit, nice bit of advertising me thinks!
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