Resident Evil 2

The intro is great, I know this is said about nearly every "big" game which comes out nowadays, but this intro really is the best one I've seen on any PlayStation game. The reason being that it gets you into the "horror movie/game" mood from the beginning.

As with Resident Evil, the voice overs in the FMV and movie sequences were obviously done by low budget actors, but they are less annoying in Resident Evil 2, and the characters look less wooden while talking.

Now for the actual game! I've only played it for a few hours so far, so I can't say to much apart from my initial comparisons to Resident Evil 1

The control method is the same, which in my opinion is good. For those of you who have not played Resident Evil 1, this means that general movement is controlled by the dpad, using left and right to rotate the character on the spot in the appropriate direction, and using up to go forward and back to go backwards. Although it may at first seem more sensible to just use the dpad to move in the required direction, this means that it it is easier to stand still and just keep turning to shoot all the approaching zombies! Circle is used to bring up the "equip" menu, and cross is used to use items and weapons, combine items, or examine them. The inventory screen has been changed slightly but not in a great deal.

To be continued when I have more time....

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