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Beastie Boys This is their official web site containing info on the band, releases, ands their clothing empire, magazine and record label Grand Royale.
Faith No More and Mr Bungle Unofficial but very very cool, lots of useful information on both, and related bands!
Intent: a band based in Southamnpton, of which my mate Stu is the lead singer, they're a kind of hardcore punk band or something like that...maybe!
Mr Bungle official web site at Warner Bros.
Red Hot Chili Peppers at the official Warner Bros site!
Primus home page.
Pop Will Eat Itself Unofficial
Henry Rollins Unofficial
Future Sound of London

Record Labels

Ipecac Mike Patton, and Greg Werckman's record label. Home to Fantomas, the Melvins, eX-Girl, and many other wierd and wonderful bands!
Mute Records
Sony Records
Virgin Records Also known as the raft, contains releases and hot news, artists, live dates, and Hut records .
Warner Brothers
One Little Indian Records Home Of Skunk Anansie, Bjork, The Shamen, CTTN, Chumbawamba, Compulsion.

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Intrrr Nrrr Magazine
Music Base
Lollopalooza bands list
song lyrics - rock rap country music, mp3 downloads plus music news and trivia.

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