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These are links which didn't fit in with the other pages!

Don't be afraid to play around with the hosts of the pages, who knows what you may find!

Also to be quite honest I don't go a lot of these pages very often but some of them are worth a visit now and again!

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People's own private web pages My mate Graeme maintains this site. It's worth a visit, he has an "interesting" perspective on things.

Marc's web page We used to go to the same school, then (co-incidently) we went to the same university.
Peter's University of Wales, Aberystwyth, still under construction, but to include info on the Spice Girls, and escapology(WooHoo)
Sid44 features Sandra Bullock pictures
Magus' web page, contains video games and stuff, still in the development process! :)
AudioWhore's web page , a person I used to know from the Lollapalooza diner.
SwearBoy's page Someone I used to know from the Megadiner and from the Lollapalooza diner.
The Muzz page
Tad Gralewski's page!
ram-blings Some guy's home page includes lots of personal stuff and music new/reviews.

Organisations and Magazines

Prompt University geeky nerd computer society, but to be quite honest this web page wouldn't be here without them , so thanx!
Compsoc I'm not really sure what Compsoc is! I think it's the people that sort out the net and useful utilities which aren't necessarily academic.
Smokeking Custom Zippos! Very cool, I've had my Amphetamine Reptile records one for years!
Intrrr Nrrrd Magazine This is cool, loadsa different things, like magazine for punks and computer geeks, hence the name!
State 51 magazine. Has a wide variety of topics, news, music, clothes, night-life etc.
The File Room censorship Archive home Page Lots of stuff to do with censorship, sorry not dirty movies but magazines and art and various things which suffer or have suffered censorship!
Send pretty postcards to your net friends!
Tango's web page! Yes as in the UK fizzy drink, and is kinda strange in places! Hosts the sort of pages your boss/parents someone wouldn't want you to look at, although there are a lot of educational and interesting pages there!
Dr Pepper homepage

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