Who was John Peel?

Sadly John Peel passed away today 26th October 2004, from a heart attack while on holiday. He will be missed.

John Peel has to be the best DJ on the radio ever! He's been doing the job for a long time now. He's definitely a "people's person". As a DJ on University Radio, I can now appreciate how marvellous he is. Not 'cos of his smooth slick style but in fact the opposite! He stammers sometimes, miss-cues records, has CD players breaking down, the works! However he is NEVER stuck for words and always has something funny to say.

 As a friend said about about him " I could sit there all day listening to him and he wouldn't have to play any music!".

Another reason I like him is 'cos of his variety in musical taste. How many DJs do you know that in 2 hours will play some punk, hard-core, hip hop, techno, ambient, trance, industrial, indie pop, jazz, 50's, 60's,weird unknown stuff, basically anything he likes!

Some of you may have heard of him 'cos of his famous sessions. Each show usually contains 2 different bands in session. This is where a band records 4 or 5 songs exclusively for the show, which are then broadcast at intervals in the show.(To make sure you listen top the whole lot!). Bands which have done sessions include Nirvana, Shellac, The Fall, Aphex Twin, to name but a few, there's far too many for me to mention!

He's the man, give him a go, he'll broaden your musical horizons.

John Peel now has 3 shows a week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 22:10 to 00:00.

 For those in other countries check your radio listings since some other countries buy the shows to broadcast. Or you may be able to hear them on the BBC world-wide service.

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Radio1's John Peel page
Also, soon, I'll add details of Mr Peel's OBE, and the fact that actually he's Dr Peel!

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