PlayStation Doom


The Game

This game rules! I've been playing this and worms virtually non stop!

In case you don't know, Doom involves YOU walking about killing bad guys, collecting ammo and weapons, looking for the exit to get to the next level to do more of the same! That's about it really, apart from there are lots of secret rooms, and some (pretty elementary) puzzles to solve.

The weapons are:

  1. Fists, chain-saw ( You can swap between these)
  2. Pistol * ( Pretty useless!)
  3. Shotgun **
  4. Super-shotgun ** ( Double barrelled shotgun to you and me(Doom 2 only))
  5. Chain Gun *
  6. Rocket Launcher
  7. Plasma Gun ***
  8. BFG *** (Big Fu**ing Gun-When you use it, you'll know why it's called that!)
* Both of these use ordinary bullets
** Both of these use shotgun shells (odd that!)
*** Both use energy packs

The Controls

The preset controls are perfect, obviously the d-pad moves your direction, L1 and R1 are sidestep left and right(also done by holding down x with direction), L2 and r2 select weapon. Hold square with d pad to run, and circle to activate switches or open doors, and triangle for the all important shoot,punch or chain-saw!

Pretty Pictures

Well perhaps pretty is not the correct word to use, but the graphics are very nice indeed, I'm not saying they're perfect, but the are very good. Perhaps if they were better (perhaps polygons) the smooth motion would have had to be sacrificed, but as it stands the scrolling and movement of the characters is good. The bodies explode nicely when hit with a missile launcher or suffer from an exploding canister, but dead bodies falling down from any height are a bit too motionless! The backgrounds have a good amount of detail, and there is a wide variety such as flame ridden skies and eerie satanic symbols!

Music and sound FX

The music suits the games brilliantly, very eerie in places with some levels having moaning and groaning, chanting monks, children crying, all that sort of thing! Very reminiscent of some sort of horror movie only the sounds and music do add lots of tension to the games sometimes, and I have been known to crap my pants several times due to the atmosphere created when playing in the dark, when a Cacodemon comes from round the corner!

The sound effects are also very good, such as the grunt you make as you punch someone, the chain-saw sawing through flesh, the loading of the pump action, and double barrelled shotguns(Boom Shallack Lack Boom!). There's also a good variety of screaming, and grunting noises which come from Satan's evil henchmen as they attempt to kill you and you kill them!( I especially like the thudding noise that those pink things make as they hit the ground!)

Play-ability and Last-ability

Can you ever get enough of running around trying to kill things? I think not, but even if it does, it takes a long time to get 100% kills, 100% items and 100% secrets on some of the levels, and there are several difficulty levels.

I was going to avoid mentioning the PC version, but I'm gonna have to really! PlayStation Doom, combines levels from Ultimate Doom and Doom 2. I'm not going to compare the various versions of the game, 'cos I don't see the point! PSX Doom is a brilliant game, " `Nuff Said! "

Overall elements ratings!

Graphics 8/10: There are some slight clipping problems now and again which don't distract from the game, but none the less they do exist!
Sound 10/10 : As I said earlier the effects and the music are brilliant!!
Control 10/10 : Nice as easy to get to grips with straight away!
Fun Factor 10/10: Killing is my business and business is good!
Average 9.5: I would give it 10, but that would make it perfect, and no game could ever be perfect!

My own guide to Doom!

But there's already a billion guides to Doom I here you cry! Well mine is a PSX guide and is actually easy to follow and understand! I'm gonna build it up as I go along, so the codes will be my own without cheating! If you see I completed a level with less than 100% secrets, it means I couldn't find them, or get in them, so any help would be appreciated! Ultimate Doom Which I have now finished without cheating! I just need to find a few secrets on a couple of levels!
Doom 2

This Doom FAQ is just a list of levels and passwords for PlayStation Doom. It comes from the States though so some of the passwords don't work, weird eh!

Doom FAQ

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