Destruction Derby 2 (PAL Version)



Well that's the best way to describe this game. In short it's a game in which you drive a car and smash into other cars, and sort of race!
I say sort of race, because the actual normal race mode, although better than it was in the original Destruction Derby is still at times a bit of a joke, but maybe that's because I just about always play Wreckin' racing
Wreckin Racing is the fun racing! It doesn't matter how many laps you do, how fast you go, or any of that, as long as you can inflict as much damage as possible on the other cars! You get given points for spinning cars round(the more degrees they turn the more points you get) flipping a car over, and destroying a car!

Also in this kind of race, you can use the new pit-stop once per race, which is still sometimes not enough, but perhaps if you could use it more, it would take the skill element of smashing without being smashed (too much) out of the game

You start off with a relatively small number of tracks and one bowl, but by competing in the championship mode, for each level you complete you get given a new track, and the final bowl for the level you have just entered.

Once you have discovered the hidden tracks you can race them in practice mode as wreckin race, a stock car race, or do time trials. With the bowl, you can either do a normal practice as you would for a championship "race" or you can try and stay alive for as long as possible, while the other cars all try and kill you!

If you're looking for a proper race game, then this would be a bad choice, since you can really only race in time trial mode . However I'm not a very big driving game fan, but I really do enjoy this, partially because it's the sort of game, you can just pick up and play straight away, and enjoy, and it has a sensible learning curve, to master the more difficult tracks and situations. Also it's the kind of game where you can just play if for 20mins when you fancy a quick bash, since you save a championship in the middle, or you can just race the practice modes.

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