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My name is Alan Marshall, but as Paul Simon said "you can call me Al".

Here's a brief summary of what I've been up to last few years, if you want more details, click here.

September 1999 I finished studying an MSc in Digital Entertainment Systems. Bournemouth University. Bournemouth is situated on the south coast of England.

In July 1998, I finished my Computer Science with French degree at the University of Essex. The University of Essex is in Colchester which is a very dull and boring city, east of London, and near the coast.

As part of my Computer Science with French degree I spent 6 months working for, The Union Bank Of Switzerland in Zurich. Here I was a member of a Development and Test team involving testing C++ libraries, writing PERL scripts and also I managed a database of the department's computer equipment.

And before all you "Smart Alecs" mail me asking "But they speak German there, so why haven't you gone to France?".
Well to cut a long story short, the job offer was a good one, (no I'm not obliged to say that by my previous employers!), most of the people in the work place spoke English, and some spoke French, e.g. Otpal who sat behind me.
As I was saying about the language thing, most labels and a lot of signs for example are in German, French and Italian, so I could get by, having also learned German up to A-level. So I had great fun going into shops trying to make my self understood by mumbling what was very bad German(it's amazing how much you forget in 2.5 years!.
I always managed to make myself understood in a pub without problem, in fact one of my colleagues Eric pointed out that when I've had a few beers, I spoke a lot more French, and I discovered, that it's easier to understand it as well !!!

Personal Details, for the More Nosy of You

My home pages are basically just for me to give my opinions of what I'm interested in, it's kinda like writing my own magazine in a way.
Music is my main interest which is why you'll find reviews of gigs, albums, singles and related topics. There's also links to web sites of bands I like.

As for sport I used to go skateboarding (hence I used to use the alias Skate), well I've kind of given up on it now, since I don't seem to have the time to be able to improve, much to my disappointment. Unfortunately for me I gave it up well before it got cool again! Most of time seems to get taken up by playing silly PlayStation games! so there's related topics to them here as well.

What bands do I like?

far too many to mention, here's some of my faves, in no particular order:

It'd be easier for you to check out URE and music info to see what other music I like!

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