University Radio Essex

URE is the campus radio station for University of Essex. I was a DJ on URE throughout my first and second year of my Computer Science with French degree.

My show was 18:00 - 19:00 every Wednesday evening. I think it would be fair to say my shows were never too serious. I followed up a Take That song by a Godflesh one once! Here are the set-lists for October's and November's radio shows by me!

They then moved me to a Sunday afternoon at 2.00, which gave me time to get up, cook lunch, watch the basketball, then walk in! Anyway, here's what I've played from January to March! . Same time but now Summer term!

Now I'm at Bournemouth University where sadly there is no radio station for me to DJ on.

Anyway you can always go to U.R.E's web page .
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