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Official PlayStation site
Get 3D! Go to

Computer Exchange

Mister Game Enhancer As well as selling game enhancers he sells all sorts of PlayStation accessories at good prices and delivery is very quick!
Gareth's home-page this is sitting on the fence of Personal Shops, but I put it in shops 'since the only PlayStation stuff is about the mod chip to play import games.

Software Houses

MicroProse/ Spectrum HoloByte
Team 17 The people responsible for Worms!

Magazines reviews, hints and tips. One of the best on the net.
Console World
Futurenet This is the company responsible for loads of UK magazines, including the official PlayStation magazine.
Games Domain UK based news and reviews.

Hints and Tips

You really only need to know 1 site:


Del Boy's Webpage This is UK based and contains a UK release schedule, for the PlayStation.
Pieter's Home Page, where he shows off some of his artwork for games he has worked on, when he worked for SCI.
Tower Power 1250 T.E. Official Homepage. This is my page to concentrate on Tower Power, while I maintain this one for personal stuff!

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